You should savor every single minute of your wedding day. This day celebrates the unique relationship that exists between you and your fiancé. On this day friends and family will rejoice in your union – one that sets the tone for the life you will build together in marriage. In a time when traditions are changing, weddings represent an opportunity to create personally meaningful celebrations. Bella Notte is the bridge between your vision for the day and the reality of your wedding.

Our approach to wedding planning is sophisticated, sensual, incredibly personal and, most of all, professional. When you entrust the details of your most important day to us, we understand that your comfort and confidence are a priority. Bella Notte maintains relationships with a range of vendors to secure the best in the business for our clients. We ensure that the wedding day runs smoothly, covering every detail. Leaving the planning and organizational details to Bella Notte ensures that you, your family, and your guests will have the peace of mind to relax and enjoy your wedding to the fullest. At Bella Notte, we believe that a seamless event is a must, not a luxury.